Teamviewer Installation Howto - Linux/Ubuntu

go to the teamviewer page: as illustrated below

klick "Download TeamViewer" :

say "Save File as"

Save it to the "Downloads" directory in your home

after download is finished(!),
open a terminal like XTerm or LXTerm - you need the commandline

# documentation format:
# '#' is comment, and below you will see you name instead of "scan"
# and '@a' where a is my computers name. After the '$' sign starts
# the command, you have to type in, which is bold written

# now change to your Downloads directory
scan@a:~$ cd Downloads

# you might list the file to go sure, it is here
scan@a:~/Downloads$ ls teamviewer_12.0.76279_i386.deb

# install the downloaded teamviewer package ( enter your own password,
# if you are asked to do so )
scan@a:~/Downloads$ sudo dpkg -i teamviewer_12.0.76279_i386.deb


leave the terminal program open.

Now you should have in the User Submenue "Internet" ( Applications -> Internet ),
where you have the browser and mail, the program "Teamviewer"

Simple klick it to start.

you might get a message like "service not running" within a window and "please type teamviewer --daemon start".

in this case go to the command line again - in the terminal application

# type
scan@a:~$ sudo teamviewer --daemon start


and start the Teamviewer from your Applicatoin Menue again.

you will see a window like illustrated below
i need the ID to get access to your computer,
maybe the passwort ( Kennwort ) too.

after you done the installation,
we can use a facebook messager window or any similar function,
eg. skype for communication, while I try to fix your problem

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